Anger Management & Domestic violence

Anger is a powerful and fantastic emotion that can help you. But sometime our anger takes the best out of us.


Do you, despite your best effort, still struggle with anger? I can help you, not only to manage your anger, but to learn from it so it helps you to create intimacy rather than destroying your relationship.

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Violence happens in relationships at various intensity.


Are you abused by your partner/spouse? And don't know what to do? You wonder if there is something better for you? See the resources page or call me.


Are you using violence? Do you wish you could do differently but something is overwhelming you? I can help you to be the better person you want to be.

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It takes courage to admit its mistakes and to repair them. It requires from us to face our fears, hurts, shame,... It takes courage to heal from our own wounds.It takes courage to love and forgive.

This is the cost for a enjoyable and harmonious relationship

"Love nevert fights. Love has no enemies. Love never kills. Love nourishes. Love brings all things to fruition."                

Morihei Ueshiba