Looking for a change in your life?


My passion is to support and guide you to reconnect with your aliveness, your spontaneity, and transform yourselves to be more fully who you are, so you can have a more joyful and harmonious life.


I consider therapy to be a co-creation between you and me, to help you discover new, meaningful solutions to your challenges and enjoy a more spontaneous and balanced life.


Using action methods, I invite you to activate, to develop the strengths needed to explore the different facets of the issues you are experiencing, and support you to transform them into what you want more of.


I can help you to

  • Manage your anxiety and retrieve a sense of harmony.

  • Explore and transform your conflicts into deeper connection.

  • Improve your communication with your partner.

  • Work with anger Management.

  • Recover a sense of balance and control; addressing compulsion around issue such as substance use or sexual behavior.

  • Develop greater spontaneity and creativity.

 15 minutes free phone consultation with me.  

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