Action Methods


“An image is worth thousands words,”  “An action speak louder than words,” “Show, don’t tell”. All these sayings speak the importance and the richness of having an experience.


Action Methods are the therapeutic use of tools that externalize our inner world, by engaging our body, mind and soul in various ways. Action methods help us to access the wisdom of our body and develop new resources.


The research in neurobiology demonstrates that the more our senses are engaged in an experience, the more our experience impacts us because it chnges our neural pathways. The experience is remembered in deeper areas of the brain and body.


I have found this approach to facilitate insight, build skills, strengthen learning, support change. I use various psychodrama ("soul in action," in Greek) tools, in particular the Therapeutic Spiral Model developped by Kate Hudgins.


I also use exercises inspired from the martial art of Aikido (The Path of Harmony), art, and other exercises to explore through the body and our awareness rather than simply talking.


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