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"Working with Gabriel is a gift!  He has a keen intuitive nature, sensitivity, and wisdom that facilitates the safety and trust needed for healing and growth.  I feel fortunate to be able to work with Gabriel in my therapeutic journey!"


- C. B.

“I want to thank you for your service this week, you helped me a lot, you have great skills and I couldn’t have gone through this week without you.”


- A.B.

“Thank you Gabriel for holding a warm space for us and help us to understand our relationship better”


- R.C.

"The session was great. I felt fully heard and understood. Gabriel is amazing."

- GL

"I had an Immediate connection with Gabriel, I want to continue working with him."

- KR

Working with Gabriel, using the Therapeutic Spiral, I learned that it's okay for me to be in a river of emotion/thoughts even feeling powerless. I am not afraid of them any more, I stopped pushing them away because now I can notice my darkness, without judgment and use my resources to get out of it. I am eternally grateful for Gabriel's help in shifting my view from self-judgment to one of curiosity. I learned that a  slight shift can change my life deeply. Thank you Gabriel!


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