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I have always been interested in the connection between body and mind.


Current research in neurobiology demonstrates that when we engage a variety of senses to create or recreate an experience, that experience impacts us more than just a conversation, particularly when we still feel the impact of past trauma. Hence the saying “Action speaks louder than words’, or “Show, don’t tell”. That is because an experience is remembered in deeper areas of the brain and body and it changes our neural pathways.


Therefore, I use an experiential approach through a variety of body based action oriented modalities inspired by Psychodrama, Aikido, and EmRes techniques.


Psychodrama: I use a variety of Psychodrama tools and in particular work with the Therapeutic Spiral Model, developed by Dr. Kate Hudgins and Francesca Toscani. I am currently a team leader for the Therapeutic Spiral Model in the west coast practice group, and I have integrated this model into my work with couples and individuals.


Aikido: Aikido is a martial art which foundation is based on addressing and transforming conflicts to build harmony. My practice in Aikido, inspired me to use some of its philosophy and exercises to practice grounding oneself, reclaim our power within and have an experience through our body and our awareness that creates and supports changes.

EmRes: I also teach my clients how to use the EmRes technique that helps to resolve emotions stuck in our body.


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