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The history of the Logo.

As I was looking for a logo I was thinking about what I wanted it to mean. My desire is to help people to create harmony in their life. We create that when when we learn to stand solid on our feet, when we accept what is happening with grace and respond with authenticity. In other term, when we are authentic and in integrity with ourselves and accepting others as they are we develop harmonious relationship. These are concepts I am inviting people to work on with me and throught action, play.

The circle can be seen as a snake biting its tail symbol of death and rebirth, symbol of renewal. Which is a metaphore for therapy since this work often leads to let go part of ourselves and so we can develops new aspects of ourselves.


It it also a symbol for the Sun. Symbol of life.

From th perspective of Aikido, the logo represents two important concepts:

"to have a base", "being grounded" represented by the circle; 

and " being centered" represented by the dot.

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