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Do you wonder about your relationship?


"My partner annoyes me, she nags me all the time."

"She blames me, for not being sensitive."

"Why can't she leave me alone?"

"She always want to talk?"

"And all you want is a smoother connection..."


Sounds familiar?


To go from a tense relationship to a more satisfying and harmonious relationship, is it possible? 


YES. And, it is sweet to connect with tenderness. It is so relaxing to feel your partner has your best interest at heart.

I consider therapy to be a co-creation between you and me. It means you are not the only one doing the talking, I am direct, I can ask difficult questions or ask you to stand up and move, take different roles... All of that to help you discover new, meaningful solutions to your challenges and enjoy a more spontaneous and balanced life. I will offer you a grounded space where difficult emotions can be experienced safely, where you can trust my being present and playful.


Using action methods, I invite you to activate, to develop the strengths needed to explore the different facets of the issues you are experiencing, and support you to transform them into what you want more of.



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